LetJog14 Update

At the start of the year a good Twitter friend of mine (I don’t think we’ve ever actually met in real life, we should correct that Dan) suggested that the runners of Twitter challenge themselves to run from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a total of 1,460kms – or LetJog.

We weren’t going to run it in one go, rather it was a challenge set over the year for the combined total of our training runs.

I’m certainly no runner, but it fitted nicely with the 1,000kms challenge, so I joined in. However, I adapted it a little to suit my own training plans (ie a LOT of swimming).

What I decided to do was to run, cycle and swim, but to adjust the distances slightly as I applied them to the LetJog14 total. All swims were to be multiplied by three, any distance run was counted as was, while anything biked was divided by four. The adjustments were based on an approximation of the expected time to complete each element. It takes me roughly 20 minutes to swim 1km, whereas in the same time I’d run about 3.5kms, so multiplying any swim distances by three fairly represents the time committed to training and also allowed me to focus on swimming and still complete the challenge.

So, where am I so far? Well, depending on the route you took I’m probably just crossing over the Dornoch Firth, about 88 miles from John O’Groats.

Activity           Distance / Adjusted Distance
– Swimming  –  363.47kms / 1090.40kms
– Running     –   112.22kms / 112.22kms
– Cycling       –  457.87kms / 114.47kms

As you can see, the bulk of the distance has been, not surprisingly, taken up by swimming. Even without the adjustments I’ve swum more than three times further than I’ve run!

The total has been increased by a 7.4km run today though (the furthest I’ve run in ages) and I’ll be doing quite a bit more running over the next few weeks. I’ve got a 10km event at the end of November and it might well be that I complete the LetJog14 challenge during that run which would be a nice touch.



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2 responses to “LetJog14 Update

  1. I love this idea! Maybe I’ll do this as a 2015 challenge, what a great concept to motivate oneself!

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