This blog is mainly me documenting my attempts to get fit and lose weight. To help me do that I’ve set myself two goals:

– The first is to swim Windermere in the summer of 2013

– The second is to do 1,000kms of combined exercise per year

The swim is in homage to my Grandad who was a founder member of the BLDSA (you can go to the website here – but be warned, it’s a bit 1998!). Every year the BLDSA organises an event in Windermere, swimming the 10.5 mile length of the lake. I plan to enter (and complete it) in September 2013.

The 1,000kms is a little challenge I set myself based on triathlons. I record all the distance I achieve in training, then use a complicated sum (any swim length is doubled, running I count like for like and any cycling I divide by three) to try and off-set the effort required for each one. The goal is to do 1,000kms per year.

In my day job I run a PR agency and also do a few other things and also try to spend as much time as possible with my son.

Update – Sept 2012

So, surprisingly I managed to complete the Windermere swim this year (you can see the report here and a wider summary here). Obviously that kind of defeats the point of this blog. However, I’ve decided that I like writing it and I’m going to keep it going. I’ve still got the 1,000kms challenge to complete if I can, but I’ve also got more to say.

So the focus of the blog will shift slightly, although the main focus will still be on swimming and exercise, I’ll also use this as a place to waffle on about other stuff as well.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment.



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  2. Kirsty O'Brien

    Hi Patrick,
    I’m taking up the open water swimming challenge too! Although my goal is to complete the bupa great swim in windermere in summer 2013. I look forward to getting lots of tips and sharing motivation with you in the next 12 months.
    Happy swimming
    Kirsty (a fellow plodder) x

    • Hi Kirsty, welcome! I did the Great North Swim last summer and it was good fun. I’d be happy to share tips, although I’m certainly no expert. Good luck with it all I look forward to hearing more about your swimming.

  3. Wow! I couldn’t image swimming 10.5 miles! That’s one heck of a goal! Good luck to ya and all of your training to get there.

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  12. MikeW

    Congrats on a fine accomplishment! Do continue journaling on your training life. It will make you want to train all the more.

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  14. Andy

    Hi, who did you swim Windermere end to end with. What event was it. Want go do it myself this year.

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