2Swim4Life – Entered

I paid online and filled out and posted the form – I think that means I’m in.


For those that don’t know – it’s a 24 mile / hour swim – swimming a mile every hour for 24 hours in an open air lido in Guildford. So, as well as lots of swimming, it will involve swimming through the night; dealing with the cold; learning to refuel properly; having the mental strength to keep going; and hopefully meeting lots of other swimmers and having fun (of sorts).

I’m actually kinda looking forward to it.

See you there 😉





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7 responses to “2Swim4Life – Entered

  1. Sounds like fun 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing about the training.

  2. Mo

    It’s looking like a definitely maybe I’ll see you there… just need to see when we’re going on holiday first as I don’t want to book into another event and then end up pulling out!

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