More running

It would appear that I am getting my running mojo back.

I’d love to be a summer swimmer and then a winter runner, that’s the plan. I’m not much good at either, but when I feel fit enough I enjoy them both. For both of them I’m much more a slow plodder than a racer, tending to go longer and slower than many.

At the moment my running isn’t up to much, but it is getting there. And today was another good run.

Today's run

Today’s run

The plan today was to try to go a bit faster and also do some ‘hills’ – or as close to hills as we get around here. I’m still happy to do bits of walking (as advised by the physio when getting back to running after injury) and you can see the three slow sections which were walks, but the running pace was good and the ‘hills’ were good too.

There’s a little rise near me and so I did two sides of that. Up, across and down – then walk – up and across – then walk – across then down – then walk – up, across and down to get back to where I started (I also had to transport a fox, a chicken and some grain… more here).

The last section hurt my legs as I’d done a long (75 minutes) run on Monday, but another good run done. I’m almost starting to look forward to the Coniston 14.



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6 responses to “More running

  1. Your running isn’t up to much!? Is that not a 5″46 pace I see there on the graph! That’s amazing! Well done! I’d be happy if I could sustain 7’21 more than 0.5 of a mile!

    • That pace is minutes per kilometre – so 5″46 is just under 9 min / mile (I think).
      And it’s all relative isn’t it? I think nearly all humans, but especially ‘athletes’ (I use the term very loosely for me) always compare themselves to those just ahead of them and not to those just behind.
      I feel slow compared to those who are quicker than me. I suspect some people look at my running and wish they were this quick. As I say – it’s all relative.

  2. Ah, I didn’t read the graph properly. Agreed! Yes, it is all relative and yes, athletes do tend to compare themselves a lot!

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