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The dream is over

I have finally decided that I can’t do the Coniston 14 run in a couple of weeks time. I’m supposed to be out for a long 2 hour run right now as I type this and I’m not…

The original plan was that I was going to run a 10k or two at the end of last year and so the training for the Coniston 14 would only be a case of topping up. That didn’t happen – injury stopped me. So instead of topping up my training I had to start from scratch this year – and I’ve just not had the time to get to where I want to be.

At the moment my life has three priorities which, in order, are:

– My son
– Work
– Swimming

Running comes just below that and can only ever be, at best, fourth on the list.

Since Xmas the top two have taken priority and although I’ve been out running it has been tough. The reason that I’m not running this morning is because having just come back from an industry event last week I’m excited to get back to the office to work on the leads that I gathered and keen to continue to progress existing projects for clients – I don’t want to ‘waste’ two hours (or more) running.

I did however take Friday off work, and then spent [nearly] the whole day swimming – a total of 9.5k over four different sessions as they keep opening and closing the lane swimming sessions. That was a great way to get my mind and body back into action and clear out all the effects of the industry show (lots of walking, standing, thinking and drinking!). It was also a great reminder that there is still a LOT of work to go before I can feel ready for 2swim4life, so again I want to focus on that and not run.

I’m pleased I’ve got this far with it. I’m pleased that I can run 10k plus – especially after the injury. But it’s unrealistic to think I can run 14 miles, so I’m going to have to withdraw.


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LetJog Feb Update

Feb’s included nearly a week of illness, but I’m still doing ok and am only a bit behind the targets for the month.

– Feb total – 115.59kms

– Year to date – 242.86kms

– To target – 23.81kms behind schedule

March should hopefully be a better month, starting with what will hopefully be about a 16km run later today and culminating in the Coniston 14, with of course plenty swimming in the month too.

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A bit worried

I had the flu at the weekend and it really knocked me out for a few days – so no training. So last night I was delighted to be able to get to the gym and do something on the treadmill. I have to say that I’m a bit worried about the Coniston 14 in a few weeks time – especially after missing a long run this weekend. I don’t have many weeks left and not much time to do many more long runs.

In the end I managed the following:
– 5.95km on the bike (warm-up)
– 5.1km running
– 1.2km swimming (technique drills)

To heighten the sense of worry this came in the post yesterday morning:

My Coniston 14 number has arrived. *Gulp*

My Coniston 14 number has arrived. *Gulp*

It’s real now and I’ve gotta do it – I just don’t think I’ll do it very well.

And of course I can’t focus only on my running as I’m already starting to worry about the 2swim4life 24 hour swim at the beginning of May! I’m not sure I’ll get anywhere enough swimming training in by then!

At least all this training means that it’s not keeping me awake at night with worry – I’m too tired!

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More running

It would appear that I am getting my running mojo back.

I’d love to be a summer swimmer and then a winter runner, that’s the plan. I’m not much good at either, but when I feel fit enough I enjoy them both. For both of them I’m much more a slow plodder than a racer, tending to go longer and slower than many.

At the moment my running isn’t up to much, but it is getting there. And today was another good run.

Today's run

Today’s run

The plan today was to try to go a bit faster and also do some ‘hills’ – or as close to hills as we get around here. I’m still happy to do bits of walking (as advised by the physio when getting back to running after injury) and you can see the three slow sections which were walks, but the running pace was good and the ‘hills’ were good too.

There’s a little rise near me and so I did two sides of that. Up, across and down – then walk – up and across – then walk – across then down – then walk – up, across and down to get back to where I started (I also had to transport a fox, a chicken and some grain… more here).

The last section hurt my legs as I’d done a long (75 minutes) run on Monday, but another good run done. I’m almost starting to look forward to the Coniston 14.


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An hour of ‘running’!


I’ve signed up for the Coniston 14, but got injured in December and so have been a little bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m keen to do it as I think it’ll be fun, beautiful and a great way to explore a lake I’ve swum twice.

So after slowly getting back into running on the treadmill in the gym I wanted to do two things today: run outside; be out there for at least an hour. I managed both!

I’m still calling it ‘running’ at the moment as, under advise from the physio, I’m interspersing running with a minute or so of walking. At the moment the aim is to do a 5:1 ratio of running and walking.

But today wasn’t about speed or distance, it was about time and getting my legs and my head used to just getting on with it for a bit. I wanted to put the Team Bear mantra of #SufferButNEVERsurrender to the test in running mode. And that’s why I set a goal of an hour (I’ve not done more than 31 minutes on the treadmill so far).

My hour of running, broken down by pace.

My hour of running, broken down by pace.

You can see from the graph above that the walks got a bit longer towards the end, but actually so did the runs.

Over the next few weeks I will lengthen my long run by 10 minutes per week until I’m up to 2 hours. By then I should be ready for Coniston 14. See you there!


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