A bit worried

I had the flu at the weekend and it really knocked me out for a few days – so no training. So last night I was delighted to be able to get to the gym and do something on the treadmill. I have to say that I’m a bit worried about the Coniston 14 in a few weeks time – especially after missing a long run this weekend. I don’t have many weeks left and not much time to do many more long runs.

In the end I managed the following:
– 5.95km on the bike (warm-up)
– 5.1km running
– 1.2km swimming (technique drills)

To heighten the sense of worry this came in the post yesterday morning:

My Coniston 14 number has arrived. *Gulp*

My Coniston 14 number has arrived. *Gulp*

It’s real now and I’ve gotta do it – I just don’t think I’ll do it very well.

And of course I can’t focus only on my running as I’m already starting to worry about the 2swim4life 24 hour swim at the beginning of May! I’m not sure I’ll get anywhere enough swimming training in by then!

At least all this training means that it’s not keeping me awake at night with worry – I’m too tired!


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