Rice Krispies

One of the things I promised myself when I decided to commit to a few more swimming events this year was that I’d have a regular massage. I felt that it would be very important both from the sense of treating myself, but also to help my muscles cope with all the swimming I knew I’d be doing.

Even though I first said this many months ago I only actually got round to getting it sorted a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll be honest, my first massage was agony – and I felt like I’d been hit on the back with a big stick for a couple of days afterwards. So I’m not sure it fulfilled the brief of treating myself – but it certainly did my muscles some good and they certainly needed it.

I had my second massage today, while I’m not sure I’d class it as fun it was less painful than last time (a sign that the one last time had done some good). However, this one was also doing some good – I could feel the bumps being worked out, but there were plenty of them. In fact, it felt as if my back was covered in Rice Krispies. At least I hope it’s doing me some good!

My back?

My back?

– – –



Actually, as an aside to this have you seen this piece of #EverydaySexism on Rice Krispies boxes? I did tweet Kelloggs about it and the social media team promised me that they’ve changed it on new boxes. I don’t know how long it takes for the new boxes to hit the shops though as that was weeks ago. Poor form Kelloggs.




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2 responses to “Rice Krispies

  1. Sports massage might just be my favourite part of training!!!

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