Swimming Lake Geneva

Yesterday I met up with a group of friends from university. It was a great day of chatting, drinking, chatting some more and then drinking some more. We all met around 20 years ago and you can tell how much we’ve aged since then as the conversations this time round were more important than the drinking and the topics of conversation were about families and houses and careers and not about girls and cars.

But that’s the way life goes and it was great to catch up, especially since it is two years since I’ve seen some of them.

It turns out that one of our group now lives on the banks of lake Geneva and so while everyone else asked him about his new job and lifestyle I asked if I could visit and go for a swim.

I don’t want to do the length of the lake, but I have asked if if there is a local swimming club that organises swims across the lake to France (and back).

My plan over the next few years is not necessarily to try and swim further and longer, but instead to do a series of interesting and diverse swims – and where possible to some more international swims. It may well be, if Tony gets it sorted for me, that Lake Geneva is the first of those.



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3 responses to “Swimming Lake Geneva

  1. That would be cool. I just did a marathon that started in Maine and went to New Brunswick and back. Nothing like running through two customs stations and the agents just wave to you and say “great job”, “looking good”.
    How does it work then you swim from Switzerland to France? Do they pre-check your pass port? Thats’ what they did for us. I don’t think Switzerland is in the EU.

    • To be honest Andy I have no idea what the passport rules would be. I suspect if I don’t actually go ashore (just touch and turn round to go back again) it won’t really matter. But that’s why I’d like to swim in an organised event – so someone else can worry about those details!

      • I did a SwimTrek in BVI and we swam to one of the US islands. We had to give our passport info in advance – SwimTrek took care of all that – and we couldn’t actually touch land (not that there was anybody on the deserted rock-pile of an island to see, but still). I like your goal of swimming in all sorts of places. Good luck!

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