First Dover Swim

I got up early this morning (very, very early) to get down to Dover in time to get in the harbour with all the channel swimmers. Those swimming a relay get in at 10am, so I needed to be here in time to register etc.

I got in and did an hour and a half and I can’t quite say I enjoyed it, but by the end the swimming was nice and relaxed. The water’s nothing like it was in Mallorca (the last time I was in the sea), but it was ok. It tasted a bit like “holiday” – admittedly a cheap package holiday, but it had that familiar salty / sandy tang.

Of course my swim was nothing compared to the red hats – those training to do a solo channel swim (relay swimmers wear a yellow hat). Many of those guys were swimming for four or even six hours. And many of them had done seven hours yesterday!

The best thing about today was seeing the famous “beach” and channel community. And of course catching up with the rest if my team. It looks like our swim will set off on Thursday, early in the morning. But if course that could change dependent on the weather.

And now I’m sat at a pub on the front and I can see France!




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2 responses to “First Dover Swim

  1. When is your relay? Is it cross channel? How far do you each swim? As you can see I am playing catch up here!!!

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