Febathon Summary

I failed Janathon because I was ill, so I decided to try and do a solo Febathon. I may not have had the group support that Janathon so amazingly delivers, but I had my own steely determination. So how did I get on?

Actually, surprising well.

I only missed three days in the whole of the month – and they weren’t even days when life got in the way, they were just days when the steely determination waned.

The stats:

– Days of exercise – 25
– Seconds of planking – 400
– Number of press ups – 289
– Kms of swimming – 36.5
– Kms of running – 15.59
– Kms of cycling – 82.39
– Total #LETJOG14 count – 145.69kms

I have to admit, I’m pretty pleased with myself. Not only that, but I even managed to catch up on all the #LETJOG14 distance I missed in January, so after two months I’m now 2.3kms ahead of pace.

I know that I won’t let this slip in March (although I may dip a bit below February’s total) as I have a 10km swim booked in for the end of the month, so I need to keep it up until then.

However, the best thing about all of this is how I feel now. I feel stronger, fitter, faster in the pool and I have really enjoyed getting into this routine and seeing the results from it.


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