Next challenge – 10kms… indoors

I’ve signed up for my next challenge – a 10km swim indoors at the Ponds Forge pool in March.

It’s not a “race” in that we can turn up and swim our laps when we choose during the day, so it is being described as a “challenge”. For many people it will be the first time they have swum as far as 10km and so I’m sure the atmosphere will be really good on the day.

A 10km swim is considered to be the closest equivalent swimming has to a marathon. It’s certainly similar in terms of the times people will complete it in. The fastest on the day would hope to be around 2:30 I suspect; I’ll be pleased to break 4hrs; while the cut-off point is 6hrs.

I’ve not swum at Ponds Forge before – of course it is an Olympic sized pool (50m) which makes it a bit different, although fewer turns is certainly a bonus. By signing up you get access to a few training/advice sessions from the team, so I’ll try to make one of those just so that I can get used to the surroundings.

And a massive thanks to I Swim (and sometimes Tri too) for suggesting it to me via Twitter.



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8 responses to “Next challenge – 10kms… indoors

  1. a challenge certainly, the indoor thing is a bit wimpy for you but great to see that you’re already setting goals for the new year – good luck!

  2. 10k of swimming, whoa. Thats 6.2 miles, wow. What an awesome ‘challenge’.

  3. Mo

    You’re welcome 🙂 It’s great you’re going to be there too – it will make a change for me to swim with someone I know!

  4. Great thoughts, thanks for sharing.

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