Underwater MP3 Player ..

I was excited when it arrived and I played around with it last night and uploaded some music onto it (very simple actually, just dragged some iTunes files across into the right folder). So I was looking forward to testing it out in the pool this morning.

I started the music, put the headphones into my ears, pushed off from the side and … nothing. It had fallen off my shorts and out of my ears and was at the bottom of the pool.

A bit less exciting.

So, I’ll play around with it a bit further and hopefully have a full review to post soon.




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2 responses to “Underwater MP3 Player ..

  1. AKGM

    Great Blog! I have a water proof casing for my Ipod and its a great experience, although there were a couple of things I had to get used to. Firstly, as you said, getting the earpieces to stay. I just fiddle till they fit right and tuck them under my cap. Secondly, I use a second strap to hold it onto my arm, otherwise it flaps around a bit. I also found when swimming fast, its a bit annoying so I don’t bother. I assume your design is slightly different. Let me know how you enjoy it!

    • Thanks. To be honest I’ve not yet got used to the MP3 player and haven’t really used it at all. As it’s something new I’m not keen to break with the system I know works and just get in and swim, so I’ve been holding off. Then when I did take it to the pool the other it had no power left! I will try and use it a few times, so I’ll let you know.

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