Need a Canoe …

Can anyone help, I need to borrow a canoe?

I’m signing up to outdoor swims this summer in preparation for swimming Windermere next summer and I’m trying to enter as many of the BLDSA swims as possible (you can see the website here – but be warned, it might hurt your eyes!). However, to enter some of the longer swims you need to provide your own support boat.

The shorter swims, especially those that involve doing laps of a smaller lake, seem to have a number of boats positioned along the course in case of any emergencies. They don’t have a one boat per swimmer ratio, but are obviously working on the assumption that no swimmer will ever be that far away from a safety boat.

However for the longer swims they seem to insist on one boat per swimmer (which seems fair and sensible). For the shorter of the longer swims, if that makes sense, then it’s a canoe that’s needed and for the longer ones a rowing boat is required. All of that seems fair and sensible, yet to make sure that they have one boat per swimmer they ask the swimmer to provide the boat and crew. For a novice swimmer, not a member of a club and not in the swimming “community” yet that’s a big ask.

Fortunately I have a friend (thanks Lucy) that is willing to canoe for me – but that just leaves the small problem of neither of us owning a canoe.

So, can anyone help?

Does anyone have a canoe that I could borrow the weekend of July 21/22?

If you do, please get in touch in the comments, or on Twitter (@patrickjpr).

PS – I think, technically, I’m actually looking for a kayak.



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