Exciting …

Some nice kit’s just arrived ..

It’s an underwater MP3 player from Speedo.

I’m going to play around with it for a bit and then write a review, so look out for that.



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7 responses to “Exciting …

  1. Mike Stead

    Can I recommend the Suunto T6C as a brilliant HRM? the ‘Training Effect’ function is not a joke, it’s a real-time assessment of how hard you are working, and allows you to speed up or know when to slow down without blowing up. Been using it for years, faultless.

    • Hi Mike, I’m happy to take recommendations, so thanks for that. I’ve not even started using the Sony one yet though, so I’ll give that a proper review and then you can persuade someone else to send me some kit 🙂

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  3. smilingldsgirl

    I just got one. The last one I had from a different company lasted a year but with all the training I’m ok with getting one a year if needed. I hope this one lasts longer though.

  4. Kirsty O'Brien

    Ooh! Saw a lady in the pool with one of these today. I really want one. The piped music in the pool is a bit jazztastic for my tastes
    K x

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