Another Sunday, Another 5k

And this time I added a cheeky 1k afterwards.

And in fact, the laps were a little over 1k each – so total for the day was 6.6k.

After last week’s “meh” swim I was a little apprehensive about this one. If it was “meh” too then where would that leave me? Would I have to admit that I’d fallen out of love with swimming?

In the end I didn’t have to worry – I loved it.

Wykeham Lake

Wykeham Lake

I had a different strategy for food before the race (I just ate a lot more) and by the time the swim started I felt raring to go. The water was cool, but felt fresh and although visibility wasn’t great, it felt clean.

This week was a simple triangular course with three big (i.e. c. 6 feet tall) orange buoys to mark each turn. This meant that even I could see them as I was swimming towards them. So apart from the occasional wobble sighting was much easier this week. I felt comfortable and relaxed over the first three laps and then felt strong and quick over the last two as I pushed on quite hard – and this week I got out with a smile on my face.

Then to top it off about an hour and a bit after I got out of the 5k swim I got back in again to do the 1k event.

Swimming / Dry Robe selfie

Swimming / Dry Robe selfie

I wanted to train myself to get back in after a strong swim and to get used to getting back into cold water even as I was feeling cold (and I did have a few minutes of the shivers after the 5k swim). Stood on the bank I still wasn’t sure right until the last minute, but once we started swimming again and I loved it all over again. I also got to try out my new dry robe – which I wore between the swims and then got changed “inside” at the end.

A great day all round, then as a final boost I saw a Barn Owl in flight next to the road as I was driving home along the A64 – it just looked majestic.



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6 responses to “Another Sunday, Another 5k

  1. I’m thinking about doing a 5k swim in a couple weeks and trying to draw inspiration from your posts. Thank you!

  2. Well done! 6.6k is along way to run, never mind swim!!!

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