5k swim today

I’m going to be doing a 5k (4 laps) event in here today.


It’s the first event of the BLDSA season at Colwick Park.

What are you up to?


So I did it. In the end it was 5 laps, each just under 1km each. To be honest though I didn’t particularly enjoy it, I did the first couple of laps and then it hit me – just a general sense of “meh”.

Having thought about it a bit more though I’m pretty sure it was to do with being tired and not being well enough fueled up – as soon as I finished I couldn’t stop eating.

Other than that, it was a lovely day. It was great to meet some people that I’ve been chatting to on Facebook, not least Mark the author of this excellent blog. It was great to see John who cycled from Nottingham to watch a bit of the swim. It was satisfying to know that while I may have felt “meh” it wasn’t anything to do with my swimming, I felt strong and relaxed throughout. It was also incredibly rewarding to be told by a very experienced swimmer that I have a good stroke.

Proof I did it

Proof I did it

A surprise spectator

A surprise spectator







A photo of me starting my last lap

A photo of me starting my last lap



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8 responses to “5k swim today

  1. Mo

    What a fabulous venue and day for it, hope you have a great swim! I was supposed to do a 5k in the pool this morning but my youngest crawled into bed with my just as my alarm went off and wrapped his arms tight around me. So we went back to sleep and I’ve missed my swim. But some things are worth it 🙂

  2. Shame you found it meh but full credit for sticking to it and finishing. Fuel is v important and many of the swimmers will have taken a maltodextrin drink, 20-30 mins before the swim. See you at Wykeham?

  3. I know that “Meh” feeling lol…….but well done for persevering – 5k is a great swim.

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