SwimTrek Day 2

This post is a summary from last week’s SwimTrek trip. As there was no [working] internet last week I’m posting these one week on.

– – –
After worrying about my feeding issue I really wasn’t looking forward to today. The plan for the day was a three hour swim, followed by a two one, with lunch in between.

To get to today’s swim location we all got in a little, local cruise boat and traveled down the coast for a couple of kilometres. What a beautiful coastline, with some very impressive properties. If anyone wants to give me one…

Then we were quickly into our first swim, the three hour one. The day was overcast and it had the look of a nice day if only the sun would burn through the clouds. Unfortunately it refused to do that throughout our morning swim – which made everything just feel so much colder.

But, and most importantly, I did it. Using my own feed and not the Maxi I swam the three hour swim and almost enjoyed it! It was possibly too cold (water temp about 14 degrees C) for enjoyment, but for me at least it was a MASSIVE relief.

Lunch was a quick grab of pasta and bread – but amazingly presented given the confines of the boat, especially as there were 24 of us to feed. But then it was time to get back in for the afternoon swim – only two hours back in the cold water!

The bay for today's swim

The bay for today’s swim

Fortunately, while we were having lunch the sun had burnt through and so it was gorgeous afternoon which put us all in a better mood. The afternoon seemed to go by in a bit of a blur, but again I was very close to enjoying it. I actually felt quite strong in the swimming and even on the last lap of the course (probably just under 1km) I “raced” my roommate who is significantly quicker than me (he didn’t actually know it was a race, but it still counts for me). He beat me by about 25m in the end, but I was pleased that my fastest lap of the day was the last one.

A post swim selfie

A post swim selfie


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