Inaugural Southwell ad-hoc running (and drinking) club

So all the runners met just after 7:30pm, pleasantries were exchanged and introductions made where necessary. The plan was to start at 7:45pm, but it was felt that it would be a good idea to wait for a few extra minutes to see if there were any stragglers, so the run started at about 7:50pm.

It was nice and easy paced and all the runners kept together. For me it was quite hard after a long week at work, but it was nice to be out and so I just gritted my teeth and got on with it. And then 4.9kms later with a lap of the village completed in just under 30 minutes, all the runners arrived back at the Burgage. All the runners then made their way home feeling quite satisfied with the evening’s work.


** If you haven’t already guessed, I was the only one there. But I was pleased with the run – including running to and from the start / finish line it was a 5.56km run at a 5:25min/km pace. And despite it feeling like hard work I got round and almost enjoyed it.

As I was the only runner I decided not to go to the pub, but I will be going again next week – more details here if you’re interested.



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6 responses to “Inaugural Southwell ad-hoc running (and drinking) club

  1. Mo

    Good run! Maybe put a few posters up in various places round the town before next week, or pop a note on the town website/forum (if there is one?)

    • I’d kind of like it to remain a bit “secret” – but obviously not so secret that no-one ever shows. What I’ll do is ask some village people that are on Twitter to spread the word a bit.

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