Southwell ad-hoc running (and drinking) club

I had a thought tonight while out running – I wonder if anyone would fancy joining me? So for the next few weeks I’m going to do the following:

– Friday evening, 7:30pm – gather on the Burgage
– Friday evening 7:45pm – set off on a just under 5km run – starting by running down to the Final Whistle and then along the trail.
– Friday evening 8:15pm (ish) – finish the run
– Friday evening 9:30pm (ish) – have a pint at the Coach House

It anyone from Southwell (or around) fancies joining me for either bit of it – I’ll see you there. If you’re coming for the run, I’ll be the guy in a red t-shirt and glasses who doesn’t look much like a runner!

PS – this is the route I suggest and as you can see, I’m not very quick.

run route



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