Swimming Photos

It turns out that Jon, my canoeist for the Bala swim, is not only an excellent canoeist, but also a pretty good photographer.

I could see him taking the odd photo as I was swimming along and it took all of my will power to not gurn for the camera and give a cheesy smile. Looking at the results, I’m really pleased that I managed that as some of the photos are amazing.

Here’s one of the people entering the water at the start (I’m at the back right).

Getting in

While here are some actions shots:


I’m winning

Close up

And finally, me finishing:

Finished (knackered)

As you can also see, the scenery around Lake Bala is stunning. I obviously don’t get chance to see much more than water though.



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5 responses to “Swimming Photos

  1. Nadine

    That is awesome Patrick.. A true inspiration!!! Luvs ya:)!

  2. Well done! Some achievement. You are well on your way to Windermere. After this week, I have even more respect for skin swimmers!

  3. Jon

    Good effort Patrick. Give me a shout if you need someone to feed you jelly babies again next year!

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