Windermere this year?

After swimming Bala last weekend I had a very good judge of swimmers (and a long distance swimmer herself) tell me that she thought I would be more than capable of swimming Windermere this year.

It hadn’t even crossed my mind before she said to be honest, my plan was always to swim it next year. Mainly because I had assumed that there was no way I’d be ready this year. But now… well it’s got me thinking.

I’ve got a 5 1/4 mile swim in Coniston this weekend, so I need to see how that goes first. It might be that last week’s exertions have taken too much out of me and I struggle this weekend. But if not, well maybe there’s a chance.

I’d love to hear your comments / thoughts on this. Should I go for it?



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3 responses to “Windermere this year?

  1. Mo

    You’ve done some really impressive swims already this year. I reckon you could do it! You seem to have adapted to non-wetsuit swimming really quickly and have done some great distances recently. I guess it depends on a few other things – like how much time you can allocate to training over the next few months with reasonable rests inbetween, how late in the year you want to swim, and whether you are fussed about your time. I look forward to hearing what you decide!

  2. John

    Only you can tell how your progress is going. But reading this blog – you have done much more than you originally suggested, you are fitter and performing better, and if this continues, maybe go ahead a do it! You can always swim the Atlantic next year as a party piece. I guess the only downside would be if you can’t finish Windermere and this causes you to give up.

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