Ribbons for Rememberance

Someone I met on my SwimTrek trip in April will be attempting to swim the channel for the third time this weekend, exactly five years after her first crossing.

That alone is an amazing feat. However, her second crossing, earlier this year, took over 4 and a half hours off her time to swim to France. Then only a week later she completed the round Jersey swim. She also did a relay channel swim just a couple of weeks ago. And now she’s off to France again.

Even more amazing than all of that however, is the fact that during all of these swims she manages to break out of the intense focus that is required by any swimmer to complete these challenges and throw [biodegradable] ribbons into the sea on behalf of anyone that has battled, or lost their battle to cancer.

For Rowdy & Cookie

For Rowdy & Cookie

Even typing this is bringing a tear to my eyes and I have asked Emma to throw a couple of ribbons for me on this swim.

Please visit Emma’s Just Giving page here – https://www.justgiving.com/emma2france2014v2/. And you can track her swim here – http://cspf.co.uk/swim-routes (just select the boat Suva).

Good luck Emma. Swim strong, swim safe and enjoy.

– – –


Unfortunately Emma had to get out about half-way across the channel, she was in a lot of pain down her left side and the decision was taken not to risk any long-term damage. But despite that (or actually because of it), what an amazing season she’s had, including a solo-channel, a round Jersey swim and a channel relay – and all the fundraising and ribbon throwing. Well done Emma and I hope I get the chance to swim with you next year.


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