A confession…

This one isn’t in the same league as the recent Ian Thorpe one, but here goes…

Since the channel relay people have asked me if I’ll swim a solo channel. I’ve always said no, because the idea just seems crazy. However, over the last couple of weeks the thought has seeped into my brain. In that time I’ve seen (via Facebook) people I know complete successful solo crossings and the ‘competitive spirit’ has been stirred.


Yes, one day I will try to swim the English Channel (I’m just not saying when).

France, here I come.

France, here I come.

And if you want to read some great blog posts by great swimmers about great Channel swims, read these:

– Emma France – http://www.emma2france.com/solos/2014-english-channel.html
– Mark Sheridan – http://reminiscencesofalongdistanceswimmer.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/english-channel-swim-11th12th-july-2014.html


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