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Last night’s run

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The Reward



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When do you get a PR agency?

Please excuse this post. It’s a little bit self-indulgent from me as this is my response to a conversation I was having on Twitter. I’m not even sure the people I was talking to on Twitter will read it, but here goes…

It started with this tweet.

Tweet by @chrissyfarr

And so I replied (if you follow the link above you’ll see my responses). But it got me thinking and I realised that I couldn’t say what I wanted to in 140 characters, or even in several multiples of that.

I can completely understand the sentiment behind this – a reporter has a good relationship with a founder and finds them a good source of information (about their own company, but probably about the wider sector too) and suddenly that relationship and that source disappears. We’d all be pissed off about that.

But if you look at it from the founder’s point of view – they’ve just been given a bunch of money to make a step change to their business. The money is meant to make a significant difference and suddenly the founder’s targets, requirements and responsibilities have changed dramatically. In the same way suddenly the day-to-day activities that they were doing at the previous stage are not the same day-to-day activities they need to be doing now. I can imagine that there are lots of changes and of course the money means that they can now hire people (including a PR agency) to do some of those tasks they are leaving behind.

Personally, I don’t think it’s the fact that someone else is doing the task I think it’s the way the whole thing is handled.

Too often an agency will win the business and suddenly a junior will be employed to do the media relations. The journalist goes from speaking to a senior executive that not only knows their business inside out, but also knows the sector intimately, to speaking to a junior PR exec that isn’t quite sure of their own name (or that’s how it seems). If that is coupled with the fact that the founder hasn’t done a proper handover and highlighted the journalists they already know well (possibly even sending a personal email to a few) then that is bound to piss people off and completely justifiably.

In summary: of course the founder in this situation should get people to help take over some of the workload (that’s what the money is partly for), but pick a PR agency with senior people that know what they’re doing and give them a proper handover.

– – –

Of course I would say all of this – I run a PR agency. But I’m also the founder of a start-up.


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Filming done

The other day I wrote this:

I don’t often tweet work stuff, but I’m going to be busy over the next few days with an interesting and exciting project that I wanted to share. And I mainly wanted to share it because if you’re a small business in London, Nottingham or Edinburgh then it might be really valuable to you too (obviously you won’t actually be a business, but you know what I mean).

Over the next three days VisuallySocial is doing a roadshow in those three cities, filming small businesses on behalf of Bizcrowd. The idea is that the businesses will then be showcased across all of Bizcrowd’s channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, website etc) in the run up to Small Business Saturday, which is on the 7th December.

You can read more details (including filming locations) here.

If you’re in a small business and you’re around in those locations this week, then come along and be filmed.

– – –

I thought I should update you and let you know how it went – which was amazingly well! If you follow @Bizcrowd on Twitter then you’ll start to see some of the videos over the next few days. Videos like this one of Kate from Grow Up:

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Beautiful swimming writing

I follow a few other swimmers on Twitter and I suppose I’m subconsciously looking out for people mentioning swimming, but today I saw two very separate, very different articles about swimming that I wanted to share them here.

The first is from H2Open magazine – a great publication dedicated to swimmers, that I’ve just started following. The post that caught my attention is about cold water swimming and what goes through your mind. I don’t swim in very cold water (ie at this time of year), but it all seemed to be what I think anyway. Have a read: What goes through the mind of a cold water swimmer?

The second article is in The Guardian. I didn’t realise they had a swimming blog, but they do and this is one post from it. It’s all about the freedom of swimming and the almost zen-like tranquility. It’s beautiful, read it here: Why I love swimming
Both beautiful articles.

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Live Tweeting … sort of

Just a quick note to say thanks if you followed the “live” tweeting I did on Saturday and apologies if it confused anyone.

What I was actually doing was tweeting as if live, 14 days after the swim. However, all the timings and thoughts were accurate from the swim although I didn’t actually tweet while swimming. I tweet a lot, but not that much!

The main reason for doing was to try and explain the scope of the swim. For many people they might have seen a tweet of mine in the morning then gone out and spent their Saturday doing whatever it is they do on a Saturday. Later in the afternoon checking Twitter again they would have realised that the idiot was still swimming!

If you want to catch up with the tweets, they are under the hashtag #1000kms, although I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to view them. And if you want to follow me on Twitter I’m @PatrickJPR.

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Windermere Report … Soon

I promise it’s coming soon.

It’s just .. well it’s probably going to be quite a long post and to be honest I’m being a bit lazy. But I’ll aim to get it done by the end of the week. Although I’m not sure what I’ll say – there was some water … and then more water … and then 7 hours of water … then I finished. I’ll try to spice it up a bit.

I’m also thinking of “live tweeting” it this Saturday – i.e. tweeting as if live the whole swim using the hashtag #1000kms.

If you think that’s a terrible idea let me know in the comments, otherwise, look out for it on Twitter this Saturday.

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