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I went for a haircut the other day and asked for my usual cut: “Just like this, but shorter.” While I was sat there in the chair (noticing just how much grey was falling onto the floor) I realised that I only have three settings for my hair:

– Thug – cut that bit too short and it makes me look as if I want to start a fight in every pub I go into

– Business – just the right length – usually lasts at this length for about a week if I’m lucky

– Hippy – aaargghh, it’s too long – it rests on the collar of my shirt and feels all yucky

The problem of course is that without a personal stylist following me around permanently when I go for a haircut I have to take it right to edge of Thug, hopefully just staying within Business, so that it will last as long as possible before turning into Hippy.

It’s tough being a bloke sometimes!


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