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I love you all

I have a genuine smile on my face this morning and as Lucy will tell – that’s rare!

Last night I mentioned again on Facebook and Twitter that I needed a buddy to be able to enter the 2Swim4Life event in May next year. In fact, after being prompted by a friend, I updated it to say that ideally I’m looking for a team of buddies, however I need to nominate one to be able to enter.

Well I now have a team!

People volunteered. People volunteered to help me. People volunteered to give up a weekend to stand in the cold (and possibly rain) to help me swim. I am genuinely touched and amazed and slightly overwhelmed.

I’ve said it before, but as a swimmer I couldn’t do these swims without the enormous support of the people behind the scenes. The people who are willing to row a boat or kayak alongside me as I swim; the people who are willing to organise the events themselves and put in the long hours to get it running; and the friends who are willing to support and humour me as I become a swimming bore.

Not only can I now enter the event, but it’s come at a time when I needed a boost. I have one and I’m smiling. Thank you.

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Thank You

I recently did a sponsored swim in order to raise money for the RNLI. The plan was to swim the equivalent distance to the length of Windermere in the pool, during the month of October. Unfortunately I didn’t quite make it – but my sponsors still kindly donated.

Over the Xmas period I met up with the organiser of the sponsored swim and I was awarded a certificate in recognition of my efforts. However, this should really go to everyone that sponsored me.

Thank YouSo, thank you to all of you.

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