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Is iMessage Broken on iOS8?

I waited to upgrade to iOS8 on purpose. I wanted to give it a few weeks for the kinks to be ironed out. It seems I didn’t wait enough.

I upgraded at the end of last week and then over the weekend tried to send a few messages. It at least I thought I’d sent them.

I wrote them, hit send, but nothing. They clearly didn’t arrive, but looking back at my messages they weren’t there either. They had just disappeared.

Fortunately it was nothing too important, just “I’m running late” kind of thing.

However this morning I discovered that messages haven’t been received by me either.

Previously with iMesage you could ‘force’ to send your message as a regular text message if you wanted to – but that option has gone, certainly if the message has just disappeared.

So, are there any alternatives to iMesage? Or perhaps more importantly, is there a way for me to just send a ‘normal’ text message?

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