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Swimming Windermere – on TV

If you want to get a better understanding of what swimming Windermere is actually like, then it is covered in a recent TV programme on BBC called Countryside 999.

As you can guess from the programme title, it’s not exclusively about swimming and is actually about all the various ‘accidents’ that can happen in the UK’s rural locations and the emergency services that help in those situations. One of the people covered is a lake warden on Windermere and one of his duties was to check on a couple of groups of swimmers swimming the lake.

You can catch the programme on BBC iPlayer here – the swimming bits start from about 7 mins 30 seconds and again from about 31 mins.

What I love about it is that even the lake warden thinks they’re a bit mad!

Some of the swimmers setting off

Some of the swimmers setting off

Swimmers by the ferry (about half-way)

Swimmers by the ferry (about half-way)


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Swimming Lake Windermere

A lot of people seem to find this blog by searching for Windermere swims, so I want to provide some advice that’s easy for them to find.

I’ll write a full post shortly, but in the meantime if you’re looking for advice about how to swim Windermere, then you can read some of my posts here:

I’ve swum Windermere
Windermere Report
Open water swimming advice

Or the excellent Reminiscences of a Long Distance Swimmer and his report on his Windermere swim.

And of course my advice would be join the BLDSA and get as much advice, support and general help from them as possible.

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