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Stats 30/09

Went to the gym tonight, loved it. For the first time in ages it didn’t feel easy, but it felt as if I could push it and I actually enjoyed pushing it. Some quick stats (more for my benefit):

Bike: 11:60kms in 20 minutes on Random setting, level 12 – will move to level 13 next time
Weights: various arms and shoulder exercises
Run: 1.6kms in 9:15
Swim: 1.6kms in 35 minutes (approx, I wasn’t timing)



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Stats 23/09

This is more for my benefit, as a way to remember and compare future workouts, but tonight my stats were:

– Bike – 30mins, “random” programme, level 12 – 16.76kms
– Swimming – 1.2kms – 24.10 mins

Not great, but as I’m really getting back into not bad either.

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