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Getting Faster

My swim yesterday had a few difficulties, not least of which was a hangover* from the night before. I also had to contend with other people in the lane – not all of whom understood how to behave. So after being disrupted from my gentle hangover-managing swim again, I decided to do a few sprints to keep it interesting at the end.

And the good news is that even with a hangover I’m getting quicker.

I did the first 100m in 1:40 and the only other one I managed to complete (because people in the lane interrupted me, not because I was too hungover) in 1:37.

It may not sound like much to you real swimmers out there, but as I was delighted if I broke 2 minutes a couple of years ago, I’ll take it.

– – –

* You can tell I was still hungover as after my first 100m I thought I’d done it in 1:10 at first. I was amazed – and delighted and it took me about 10 seconds to realise that I’d set off at 30 seconds past the minute!


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