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I Has Cold Swimmed

After having had a back bad I’ve had to miss the entire open water swimming season this year. However, my back is slowly starting to get better.

A month ago today I posted that I had swum for the first time in months, well now I can say that yesterday I swam outside for the first time this year. Unfortunately I’ve missed the BLDSA season by a day – but I’m just delighted to get back into the water.

It happened at the final BLDSA event of the year at Lynn Regis. A few people camp over following the swim and although I didn’t swim in the event itself, my son and I joined in with the camping. Some of the campers then get up and go for a quick dip in the water on the Sunday morning. I’d taken my kit along, but wasn’t desperate to join in, until my son said he wanted to get into the water. I wasn’t sure he’d actually swim – I thought he’d paddle for a bit and get out – but he jumped in and had a quick swim (proud dad moment), so I jumped in after him.

Although I didn’t swim far I stayed in after he got out and spent probably around 20 minutes swimbling – it was great.


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World Cup Fever

I’ve written about this before, but I am such a Dad!

The World Cup kicks off today – something that as a kid I would have spent weeks, if not months, obsessing about. Yet here we are, minutes away from the start and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to watch it or not. That is until my 8-year old begged me to let him watch it and stay up past his bedtime.

I’m not sure how much it is based on a love of football or just the fact that he can stay up – but how could I refuse?

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GRRR Life!

My wife is away this weekend visiting her mother in Germany, which means I’m on my own with my son. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with him, but it does restrict any training activities.

So I was really pleased when my parents said they’d come to visit – and I was mainly pleased because it meant I would be able to get out for a swim on Saturday lunchtime. It’s not the best session as it’s usually quite full of part-timers, but after a long week of work which meant no training since Tuesday I was looking forward to getting in the pool again.

Then my dad called yesterday. They’re not coming as he is too full of cold.

GRRR Life!


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Juneathon 3

For the third consecutive day I went out running – I know, I’m surprised too.

Today it took a bit of organising as I need to be at home this evening to look after my son (more on that later), so I worked from home which gave me time to go for a run at 6pm (instead of commuting) before my wife went out at 6:30pm.

As we’re back at home I set off on my “normal” route with the intention of doing 5km. However my legs, specifically my calves, felt a bit tight so I thought it best not to push it and I came home after 3.5km. Once I got home my son wanted to go for a run with me, so we did a very gentle (ie slow) additional 0.5km as we ran to the end of the road and back along the path by the brook. It was quite slow as he had a stitch, but it was really nice to go out with him and I can see us going out together for longer runs in the future.

3.5km in 23mins 30. Then another 0.5km in about 5mins.


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