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Cake and swimming…

… swimming and cake. They just seem to go together so well.

Well now you have a reason for a piece of cake after your swim – the magazine dedicated to open water swimming – H2Open – is four years old this week.

That’s four years of promoting open water swimming to an initially sceptical public. Four years of news, articles about training, nutrition or great, iconic swims. Four years of kit reviews or venue descriptions. Four years of listings of British and international swims that people can enter. And perhaps most importantly four years of support for the community.

Well, a great idea has been formed to allow all the readers (and future readers) of H2Open to celebrate this:

Bake a cake and post a photo of it with the hashtag

You know what, as far as I’m concerned, you can buy a piece of cake too – just take a photo before you eat it and post it on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag.


Go on, you know you want to!

Mmmmmm cake.

– – –

Disclaimer – I am now an ‘ambassador’ for H2Open. This unpaid role just means that I support the magazine and promote it to my swimming friends. If you’d like to subscribe to the magazine you can get in touch with me – or go here. I also occasionally write for the print and online editions – despite that, it’s still a great mag.


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Visual content for social media

I don’t use this blog to write about work stuff very often, but I’m doing something really exciting at the moment that I wanted to share. (Actually I do lots of exciting things – like generate media coverage for this very cool solar powered boat.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 16.01.03Anyway, this exciting project is all about visual content for social media – you can see more here. We’re starting out with an event in Nottingham – if you’re East Mids based, you should try to come along – you can see a quick video with more details on YouTube. And after the event there’ll be a lot more stuff to follow.

Watch this space – or preferably this one!

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Social media: that’s the way to do it

Last week in London I was very disappointed with the hotel I was staying in. So when I logged onto to wifi and it automatically sent me to their Facebook page I posted a passive aggressive whine: “Don’t stay here”.

It wasn’t big, it wasn’t clever, but I wasn’t happy, so I posted and then thought nothing of it. Until I got a response from the social media team on Facebook – and it was a great response: it was timely, acknowledged my complaint, didn’t try to argue with me and opened things up for a conversation.

So I replied, we chatted and now, even though I still didn’t enjoy my stay, I’m happier about the whole situation and I’m not going to mention the name of the hotel here.

So well done social media team. You just need to make the hotel staff do their job as well.


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