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Are you a ‘proper’ swimmer

I’m honoured to be allowed to write an occasional article for the wonderful H2Open Magazine, especially after having met the editor Simon at a few events this summer.

The articles I write are all about the lessons that can be applied to business from open water swimming – or to put it another way, you can be Open for Business. In the latest article I write about not feeling like a ‘proper’ swimmer, or businessman.

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Although I’ve been open water swimming for three years and completed some of the sport’s most iconic swims, I’m still never quite confident enough to call myself a ‘proper’ swimmer. As a child I could always swim, but I was never a member of a swimming club. I never did the early morning training sessions before school and the gala meets. I never had a coach or even had any coaching of any sort.

Even now when I watch some of the other swimmers at the events I go to and take part in I don’t feel like a proper swimmer in comparison. And that’s not even mentioning comparing swimming times – which I hate myself for doing after every event, but I can’t help depressing myself by working out just how much faster nearly everyone else was.

And yet, even though I don’t think of myself as a proper swimmer I’m welcomed in…

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