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Giveaway: Primal Bars

I can’t remember who pointed me in the direction of Primal Bars, but whoever it was, I’m very grateful. I’m currently on a gluten-free diet, or as I sometimes call it – Paleo-lite. What that means is that nearly all of the traditional protein or cereal bars are no longer allowed.

Primal Bars are allowed though as they are “free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils and always made with 100% natural ingredients.” Perhaps more importantly than that, they’re delicious too.

The four flavours of Primal Bar

The four flavours of Primal Bar

I eat the bars after training, or as a snack during the day and so I eat quite a few of them. My personal favourites are the Almond & Cashew and the Brazil Nut & Cherry (I don’t like coconut at all and I find the cocoa ones a bit too ‘chocolatey’ for my tastes), of course you may well have your own favourites.

And now you can find out.

Unfortunately there was an admin error as I made my last order and I got sent two mixed boxes by mistake. The great customer services team at Primal have sent out the correct order, but let me keep the original boxes. So I’ve decided the share the love and give them away.

I have eight sets of four bars (one of each flavour) to give away to the first eight people to promise to make a donation to the charity of their choice of a minimum of £3 (the bars are worth about £6). I don’t want any proof that you’ve made the donation, I’ll trust you or let your conscience weigh heavily on you. I’ll pay for postage and packing (UK only).

The first eight people to get in touch get the bars.

Please comment below – and also tell me which charity you intend to donate to.

– – –

If you don’t know which charity to donate to, here are some I can suggest:

Freekicks Foundation – I sometimes work with these guys who treat disadvantaged kids to a day out at football matches.
Poppyfields – a fellow member of TeamBear is raising money to Birmingham Children’s Hospital who treated his niece with her brain tumour.
Gav Wild – a man I met at many BLDSA swims last year who again is raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital, this time because of the care they are giving his son who was born with a Lymphatic Malformation.
The Headgear Challenge – wear a hat, post a picture, donate to the Yorkshire Cancer Centre, in aid of Pat the BLDSA‘s President in 2014.

– – –

2015-01-13 08.46.24By the way, there’s a new Apple & Pecan flavour of the Primal Bar that is being launched (but not available to buy yet). I got a couple with my order, but I’m afraid I’m keeping those 🙂


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