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Swimming Etiquette – Update 2

I realise that this post makes me sound like all I do is moan. I just hope that the people that know me don’t tell you just how true that is!

Anyway, here’s another update to the list of people that pi5s me off in the pool:

Backstrokers – I know it seems harsh to dislike a whole stroke, but I do. Not in general you understand, just in relation to lane swimming. The problem with people doing the backstroke in a lane swimming session is that they a) are slower than they think (and usually significantly slower than if they were doing crawl); b) have flappier* arms (*a technical term, I know); c) can’t actually see where they are going. I think you’ll agree that that is clearly not a recipe for success.

Overtakers – as someone said to me recently “give way to speed” is the rule I try to adhere to while lane swimming. However it can be hard sometimes to judge when to let people past you at a turn – the people who are only just a bit quicker than you so you don’t notice, or the people that are A LOT quicker than you so you can’t judge how fast they’re going can often catch you out. And in general I have no problem with people overtaking me if I get the judgement wrong. However, if you are overtaking surely you need to be able to do it safely and without interrupting others? So, two basic rules please. If you need to overtake, please don’t swim at the people coming the other way; and don’t overtake right at the end of a length so that the person you’re overtaking can’t turn. Simple really.

That’s it for now with the moaning. I’ll post some happy swimming posts soon.



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