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I can’t do this anymore

After two long days in London I was so looking forward to my swim this evening. It felt important not just as a way to “wash” London off me, but it was the last swim before I go away next week. So it was important to me that it was a good one.

But it wasn’t.

After only a few minutes I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I nearly stopped. It just wasn’t natural. I had to think about single element of it all, all the time. Nothing flowed. Nothing worked like it should. And I got fed up.

It did get slightly easier, but not much. I didn’t really enjoy any of it and I stopped after just 30 minutes.

I’m hoping it was the long days in London, the lack of sleep, the volume of work that is still to do – all playing on my mind and body and affecting.

I’m hoping it’s NOT actually that I can’t do this anymore, which is what my mind and body were telling me in the pool this evening.



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