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Sitting Around

The one thing I wanted to avoid after the big swim was spending too long feeling pleased for myself, but doing nothing. It’s too easy to relax and think “I’ve done it” and then of course nothing happens for weeks – that’s exactly what I did when I ran my second marathon, although in that case it lasted about 6 months.

To avoid all of that I entered a triathlon in a couple of weeks time. Now, however it looks as th0ugh I’ll have to miss that.

As I had always intended, I did sit around last week – I needed a bit of time off, plus I’m not sure the shoulders would have worked anyway. However, the plan was to get back into it at the weekend, especially with the cycling and running. Unfortunately though I’ve caught some kind of bug and am not well. I’m just at that stage where I’m [kind of] well enough to work, but certainly not well enough to train.

So it looks as though I’ll be sitting around for longer than I intended.


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