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What if Michael Phelps were an open water swimmer?

I wrote about Michael Phelps’s return to swimming the other day. In it I talked about Michael getting fat – cos I’m a deep and serious blogger like that.

However, if you wanted a slightly less serious* take on it all, then Simon Griffiths from H2Open has written a great post. He asks the question – how might things be different if Michael Phelps was an open water swimmer and reaches a disappointing conclusion:

“In short, his medal tally, and his net worth, would almost certainly be considerably diminished if he were an open water swimmer.”

So Simon goes on to make two very good points:

1 – The number of open water swimming events at the Olympics should increase to allow us to have highly decorated stars such as Phelps.

2 – Someone should get Phelps into a lake now he’s returning to swimming.

It would be great to see the additional profile for open water swimming if either or both of those happened.

*Simon’s post is of course very serious and very good and you should read it: http://www.h2openmagazine.com/blogs/what-if-michael-phelps-were-open-water-swimmer/

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Me too Michael, me too

I love this story about Michael Phelps returning to competitive swimming. Especially the reason he’s given for the return:

“Michael Phelps says concerns about weight gain were behind his decision to return to the sport… “Getting back into shape was the number one thing,” he said.”

He’s basically saying, when I swam a lot, I ate a lot. I still want to eat a lot, so I better swim some more.

I think we can all see the logic in that!


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