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Lego Swimmer

In my group of friends I’m known as ‘the swimmer’. I’m the one that’s always either swimming, or talking about swimming (and soon writing about swimming). So when a friend went to a Lego exhibition on Brick Lane in London the other week, and they had an exhibit that was a swimmer, well he instantly thought of me and took a photo for me.

Lego swimmer

Does it look like me do you think?

I wonder what Ray from SwimCanaryWharf would think of this stroke.


I’ve just gone back to the email that Brian sent to me with the picture attached – he titled it ‘A 1000 bricks in the crawl!’, which is a piece of genius and I wish I’d realised and used it for this blog post!

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New blog… about Lego

Inspired by this amazing Lego machine my son and I have decided that we too will build a Lego machine. It won’t be anywhere near as ambitious as that one, but we already have a plan in place for at least four “stations”.

To be honest, although I say it’s a joint venture it’s mainly a way for me to spend more time with my son. It gives us both something to look forward to and something to do when we have time together, instead of me just letting him watch TV. He’ll be seven in April, so I suspect that for now I’ll be doing most of the planning and designing, although he’s already a much better Lego builder than I am.


What we are also doing is starting a blog to record our progress. It was a friend‘s idea and it is a great way to get my son involved in computers, social media and also reading and writing under the disguise of playing with Lego.

I can’t promise too much “action”, but if you’d like to check out the blog it’s here – SouthwellLegoBoy.


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