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Charity Options

Yesterday I posted about a giveaway for Primal Bars. It’s quite simple, if you promise to make a minimum £3 donation to charity then I’ll send you four of the bars (one of each flavour).

I even posted four possible charities that you could support:

Freekicks Foundation
Gav Wild
The Headgear Challenge

Here are two more.

Cosmic is the charity that supports St Mary’s Children’s Intensive Care Unit in London. They basically save small lives. They’ve done a great little video about it, so even if you don’t support them financially, please do watch it:

Man v Miles is a challenge by Kieren Algar to run the Marathon des Sables, followed by the Boston marathon then the London marathon. So 208 miles across three continents in just three weeks. He’s doing it all to raise money for the Tumaini Project.


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Kids or training?

I recently posted about life getting in the way of training sometimes (and specifically for me last weekend when I was a lone-parent for the weekend). One of the comments on that post was from Mike suggesting – and I paraphrase – that a healthy training routine is essentially to give in to those moments – fully commit to spending your time with your child and then as you set off on a rearranged training session you will feel happier and ultimately train better.

Not my family.

That all seems wonderful in theory, and I’m not criticising Mike, but it is also a little simplistic. Mainly because it assumes that the planned training session can be rearranged. What if it can’t? What if it is the training session which you feel will help keep you sane and motivated for the child-care? What is you’ve already had to move other training sessions because of outside pressures and this was the “catch-up” one? All of these things were true for me this weekend.

Of course, it’s not just child-care that can get in the way. For me work does too. And as much as I’m committed to my training goals and the events I’ve entered (or will enter), both family and work have to come first.

Not my office either.

I spent a lot some time creating training plans that are constantly moved, adjusted or just ripped up by outside factors. I’m not sure what else I can do but attend the training sessions I can and try not to get too upset by the ones I miss.

What do you do in this situation?


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It’s not babysitting if it’s your child

Last night I mentioned that I had to juggle things a little bit as my wife was going out in the evening and so I was looking after my son. As I was writing that I realised how many men would then call that “babysitting” – and that infuriates me.

Babysitting is what you do for other people’s children. If it’s your own kid, then you are just being a parent.

Yet in offices and pubs up and down the country you hear men talking about “babysitting” their own children. For many it’s a shorthand term to say that “I don’t really do all this stuff, obviously it’s the wife’s job. But I’ve been generous enough to let her go out tonight…”

father and sonI’m not saying I’m perfect in this and one that has surprised my wife and I is how quickly we fell into the accepted gender “roles” once we had a child. However, we try to both acknowledge and understand that we are both active parents, it’s just that most of my work is outside of the house in a paying job, while most of my wife’s is in the house in an unpaid job. Both jobs are just as important as each other to keep the house going and to be able to raise our son. And when I’m around I try to spend as much time as I can with my son.

When people (almost exclusively men) say that they are babysitting their own children it assumes that it is not really something they should be doing. And that is a terrible, terrible thing to think about the raising of your own children.

Fortunately I think it’s getting better as many modern fathers want to be there as much as they can.

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