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Swimming Etiquette – Update

My very first post was about swimming etiquette and I listed some of the people that can annoy me in the pool as I try to do as many lengths as possible. I thought I’d add a new category:

People that kick me in the face – a new group that I only considered last night as I was doing a few lengths.

As per normal when I swim I was just ploughing up and down the lane. I was in the medium lane, as I wasn’t feeling on top form and the fast lane was full, so I was expecting to be held up now and again. But as I finished one length and tried to turn amid the crowd of Chatterboxes one of the group set off just in front of me. I stopped so as not to swim into him, but just at that point he did a big breaststroke kick and caught me full in the face!

Fortunately it was all okay and I carried on swimming, but it was a bit of a shock.

So, if you are in the pool and lane swimming is taking place, can I just ask that you always assume that someone reaching the end of a length is planning to turn and set off again – that’s what us lane swimmers do.

As for me, I suppose it’s good training for the all-out open water swimming of the summer.


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