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Ah… I’ve missed you

I went for a swim today.

There shouldn’t be anything unusual in that, but there is unfortunately. In fact, until today, I’d not swum since November 24th. Which is, by a very long way, the longest gap I’ve had between swims this year. (I’ve a couple of gaps of up to a week, but they either preceded or followed a specific long swim). I can’t even use the excuse that I was doing other things, as that swim on November 24th was the last exercise I’ve done.

I posted just at the start of this period of inactivity about my illness and injury, and on top of that I’ve had a serious outbreak of ‘can’t-be-arsed-itis’.

But today I went to the pool.

And I swam.

At first a gentle 100m warm-up, then a few gentle 200m sets (I say ‘sets’, I was just swimming up and down, but resting at the end of each 200m). And then to finish I did 500m.

And it felt good.

The water was welcoming and I remembered how to do it. I’d even go as far to say that I enjoyed it – well I must have done, as I’m going again this evening!


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Illness and injury

I was supposed to be running a 10k run today, but I’ve picked up an injury. I’ve knackered my leg.

Since the end of the swimming season I’ve done a couple of sprint triathlons – which included a 5k at the end of each – and I’ve also been training up for the 10k. It would seem that my cardiovascular fitness was fine to get me through that, but because I haven’t run for ages my biomechanics just weren’t there. I’m very flat-footed and so that means that my calf muscles need to work overtime to provide extra support to compensate for that. Because I just launched into 5ks and beyond it strained those muscles and ligaments too much.

At the moment, I’ve been told that I need to wear soft heels as much as possible – so no slippers around the house, instead I’m wearing my running shoes. As I’m not wearing them to run in at the moment, that’s fine.

And on a side note, fortunately Andrew was able to take my place on today’s run and acquitted himself excellently.

While I’ve been feeling sorry for myself that I can’t run for a while, I’ve been consoling myself that at least I can still swim – or I could. I’ve picked up an ear infection and I now need to stay out of the pool for a week.

I had an ear infection before and it was very possibly the most painful thing I’ve gone through. For about three days I lived in a cycle of:
– Take the strongest painkillers I could
– Snooze for a couple of hours as they took effect
– Wake up and watch West Wing to distract me as the painkillers wore off
– Repeat

Fortunately this infection isn’t anywhere near as bad. But I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself and the no swimming feels pretty painful 😦


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Not Feeling Well

I’ve been pretty ill for the last week and it’s really frustrating. Although the big swim is done, I still want to complete the 1,000kms challenge and to do that I need to be exercising. On top of that I’d signed up for a triathlon for next weekend to keep me motivated and give me something to aim for after the swim.

Now I’m going to have to cancel the triathlon and I haven’t done any proper exercise since Windermere.

I’m pretty sure that the illness isn’t related to the swim (ie it’s not something I drank), but the timing is possibly linked – after the swim while I was at my most physically run-down it’s not surprising that I’ve picked up a bug and caught it more severely that perhaps I would normally have done.

The only thing to do is to wait it out and make sure I’m better before I start again, but still… GRRR!

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