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Working from home

I tend to work from one or two days a week. I like it – it took a while to get used to, but I’ve been doing it for six years now, so I think I’m used to it. I find I can be more productive at home, but also it means I can be more flexible (which helps with the occasional lunch time swim) – which in itself leads to more productivity.

However, on days like today, I love it.

Not only am I working from home, but it’s the school holidays. So instead of commuting to an office I got to spend that time sleeping a bit more and having a leisurely breakfast with my family. I then had a quick walk and got to the [home] office at the normal time, ready to start. Lovely.


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Juneathon 3

For the third consecutive day I went out running – I know, I’m surprised too.

Today it took a bit of organising as I need to be at home this evening to look after my son (more on that later), so I worked from home which gave me time to go for a run at 6pm (instead of commuting) before my wife went out at 6:30pm.

As we’re back at home I set off on my “normal” route with the intention of doing 5km. However my legs, specifically my calves, felt a bit tight so I thought it best not to push it and I came home after 3.5km. Once I got home my son wanted to go for a run with me, so we did a very gentle (ie slow) additional 0.5km as we ran to the end of the road and back along the path by the brook. It was quite slow as he had a stitch, but it was really nice to go out with him and I can see us going out together for longer runs in the future.

3.5km in 23mins 30. Then another 0.5km in about 5mins.


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