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Health and Safety nonsense

I had a moan about this on Facebook last night, but I’m gonna have another one here.

Fun finsYesterday my new fins arrived. The fins I had ordered specifically because my new coach had suggested that I use some to help with a couple of drills – I need to focus on correcting the arms and shoulders, so the fins help to provide more propulsion meaning that I can concentrate on the technique of the arms and not ‘swimming’. I was excited. Not only was it a new toy to play with, but I could do the drills I’d been assigned and make some well needed improvements.

A gentle warm up complete and I put the fins on for the first time ever. I was intending to do a few lengths with them to get used to them before I started the drills. However I’d only completed my 4th length when one of the lifeguards stopped me to tell me I wasn’t allowed to wear them. She didn’t seem to know why, just that it was policy, so I asked to speak to the manager. He came to the pool a few minutes later, but again couldn’t tell me why they were banned, quoting the obligatory ‘health & safety’.

I asked to see the documents – what I really wanted was for them to show me how it was a health and safety risk, but this is what he gave me See 6.2.1):

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

I’m pretty sure that this isn’t available to see anywhere on the pool’s website. So the only way I knew they were not allowed is to be specifically told by a lifeguard – yet all other types of equipment is allowed and I’ve seen someone using a snorkel.

To say I’m a bit pissed off about is an understatement.

I’d love to know if there are any reports or research documents that look at this issue – do you know of any?


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