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You know you’ve made it…

… as a blogger when someone offers you a free haircut in return for a review.

The hairdresser in question is KH Hair and there are a few local to me (the nearest is in Newark), so it all sounded good. Unfortunately it didn’t work out this time as we couldn’t find a time that they could fit me in (which is a good sign if they’re busy).

If the chance arises again then I’ll provide a snip-by-snip account!


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I’m going to get my ‘summer haircut’ soon. I’ll also have a ‘summer beard’ too.

It just means that both will be shorter and a bit easier to manage. It’s partly to remove any extra and unnecessary resistance I create in the water with all that extra hair getting in the way. But to be honest it’s mainly just about making it easier to manage if I’m in and out of pools and lakes more regularly.

Here’s as an example as to why it’s necessary.

This morning's hair - mad professor!

This morning’s hair – mad professor!

I went for a swim late last night, so went to bed before it had fully dried, then when I got up this morning to swim again it looked like that!

Office hair - a bit more normal

Office hair – a bit more normal

I didn’t actually do anything with it, just went to the pool and swam it into normality. I did spend a little bit of time after the swim trying to look less Yeti like for the office though!

Anyway, there will soon be less of it and I will hardly have to spend any time worrying about it.

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I went for a haircut the other day and asked for my usual cut: “Just like this, but shorter.” While I was sat there in the chair (noticing just how much grey was falling onto the floor) I realised that I only have three settings for my hair:

– Thug – cut that bit too short and it makes me look as if I want to start a fight in every pub I go into

– Business – just the right length – usually lasts at this length for about a week if I’m lucky

– Hippy – aaargghh, it’s too long – it rests on the collar of my shirt and feels all yucky

The problem of course is that without a personal stylist following me around permanently when I go for a haircut I have to take it right to edge of Thug, hopefully just staying within Business, so that it will last as long as possible before turning into Hippy.

It’s tough being a bloke sometimes!


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