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Gym Noises

I’ve remember what the funny post* was that I was planning to write the other day.

As I was in the gym a couple in their fifties came in to the weights area as well. He was clearly quite trim and fit and from the way the two of them were interacting it looked as though he was introducing her to the gym, or at least helping her out a bit. I assumed in all of this that they were a couple.

I’d seen them come in, witnessed the above, but then got on with what I was doing.

Or at least I tried to.

Within a few minutes the most off-putting gym noises were being made as he did the sets on the various machines they were on. This wasn’t the occasional loud exhalation or inadvertent grunt as you try to complete that last rep. We all do those. No this was the ‘couple in the hotel room next to you having really bad sex’ sound. Regular, rhythmic, almost asthmatic grunting and wheezing.

I assume that he was trying to impress his lady friend. I hope it worked.

– – –

* Obviously I’ll let you be the judge of whether it actually is funny or not.


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Training Plan

Ever since I got back from Mallorca I’ve struggled to get back into my training. There are quite a few reasons for this, not least still suffering from sunburn after I got back. But a mixture of workload, personal life and very probably a subconscious feeling that I had done a lot of training while I was away and I wouldn’t need to worry for a while.

Well, a while is up and if I don’t start training again soon then I will need to worry. So I’ve finally got round to setting out a training plan for myself.

Training Plan

If you can’t read it, it says:

– Monday – Morning swim – session
– Tuesday – Gym
– Wednesday – Lake swim / Gym
– Thursday – nothing
– Friday – Morning swim – session
– Saturday – Gym & / or lunch swim
– Sunday – Lake swim

If I can maintain this plan for the next few weeks it should make a real difference and I’m sure I’ll really be able to capitalise on the work I did in Mallorca.  The only problem with this as a plan is that many Tuesdays and Wednesdays will have to missed due to work commitments (I often travel down to meetings in London on those days), while Saturdays may have to take a back seat to family stuff. Ah well, was ever thus. At least I now have a plan.


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It’s working

I went to the gym tonight and did a bit on the bike, then some core strengthening, then the treadmill. After that I went into the pool. I was just planning to do a gentle mile, so off I went.

As I was swimming I realised that it was all coming together nicely and while it wasn’t a blistering pace, I was doing okay. I was certainly quicker than the guy I was passing every 8 lengths or so. So at the end of my mile I thought I’d time my last 200m. I did it in 3:45.

So I pretty much hit my threshold pace for 200m, without going full throttle and after a gym session and a mile of swimming.

Yay me 🙂

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Nelson Mandela’s Aquatic Election

I love it when translations go wrong – if you search around on the internet then you find loads of them. My personal favourite is when I was on holiday in Italy and the menu offered:

“Panna cotta with wood sauce” – yum!

However, I think tonight’s may go into my top two.

I was in the gym and they have a few TV screens on permanently with the sound off, so they show the subtitles. This evening I was there during the news and of course the Mandela sign language interpreter was the main story. However as part of it the subtitles claimed that:

“Nelson Mandela won South Africa’s first aquatic election following apartheid.”

(If you’re not sure, I think they mean democratic.)

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Washout weekend, woeful Wednesday

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, but I work hard at my job. It’s not so much the hours as the intensity and sometimes it can just make me feel run down and unable to train and that’s what happened this weekend.

It started on Thursday which was a very intense day (don’t get me wrong it was great too – a lot of very exciting meetings about this). Thursday is also on the training plan as a gym night. The plan is to do a bit of cardio (bike and treadmill), but have a good weights session between those two to work on the back and shoulders. However, I got to the gym and could only manage 10 minutes on the bike. I just felt weak, had a killer headache and felt sick – not a good recipe for training. So I went home.

A good night’s sleep and again on Friday and I thought I’d be fine for my Saturday session – which is the same as Thursday plus a swim to finish it off.

Friday night didn’t turn out to be a good night as the little one woke up at 2am feeling ill, but I got everything ready as per usual on Saturday morning. I was just about to head off when I sat on the bed for a couple of minutes and nearly couldn’t get up – again not a good recipe for a training session. So Saturday got cancelled. The same thing happened on Monday morning as I was about to go out for my big swim. I realised I could go and try, but I’d either fail miserably or knock myself out for the whole week ahead – again with work not something I can risk. So another cancellation.

I did manage a very gentle mile on Monday evening, but that brings us to this morning.

I thought I was feeling better so I set off to replace Monday’s big swim with my threshold training routine. It was tough.

I managed the 100s in about 1:50 (between 1:47 and 1:52), but the 200s were a real struggle and in fact I left three of them out there.

Woeful… but possibly understandable and certainly better than a cancellation.

3,000m including warm up and cool down.


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Not all the firsts

The plan today was to go to do my first gym and swim session of the new training plan. I was also planning to test out the new SIS orange supplement as well as some of my new Speedo kit (towel, shorts and goggles) for the first time.

SIS and Speedo

SIS and Speedo

However, my plan was slightly ruined by the fact that the pool was shut today!

So it was just the gym instead. I had a good session, although I didn’t enjoy the orange flavoured drink. I’m not sure whether it was the drink itself or just me this morning, but I couldn’t drink too much of it. I initially bought two orange and two blackcurrant, so I’ll give it another go, but at the moment the blackcurrant is the winner.

As for all the Speedo stuff, well that’ll have to wait until next time.

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New Training Plan

Right then, if I’m going to do Windermere again next year and if going to break 7 hours I need to have a serious training plan. Training up for the swim last year was all about just getting the miles in. I didn’t care how long it took me, all I wanted to do was finish. And with very little swimming experience I knew I just had to swim as much as possible to get my body ready for it.

This time it’s different for a number of reasons:

1 – I’ve done it before, so I know what to expect
2 – I have longer to train (I only decided in April last time)
3 – I have a target to aim for

So, to get a different outcome, I need a different approach. This time I’m going to set training targets for myself and train hard to achieve them. For October my plan will be to get four sessions in a week – 2 swimming and 2 gym. However, I will merge one of the swimming and gym sessions to make it only three trips to the gym – I like doing this as it also teaches my body how to swim when it is tired. It’s hard to get a 6-mile training swim in in the pool, but this way I can make it feel as if I’m doing mile 6.

Those 3 / 4 sessions will look like this:

Monday morning- swimming
– 50m sets – time 50seconds, go every minute, 1-min break between sets: 2-3-4-3-2
– 100m sets – time 1min 45, go every 2 minutes, 1-min break between sets: 2-3-4-3-2
– 200m sets – time 3mins 35, go every 4 minutes, 1-min break between sets: 2-3-2
Total 3,500

Thursday evening – gym
– Bike: 20 minutes, Random setting, target 11kms, increase level if achieved (currently level 13)
– Weights: various arm and shoulder exercises
– Treadmill: c. 15 minutes, increasing to run up to 2.8kms

Saturday morning – gym & swim
– Gym: as above
– Swim: 1.6kms, at a leisurely pace (c. 35 mins) to include some breaststroke

I know it’s not much to start with, but it’s good to get a plan together. I also need to be careful to create a realistic plan that is achievable given my other commitments. What I don’t want to do is start to miss sessions after only a couple of weeks and then give up on it. That said, in November I plan to add another hard swim session into the mix, probably on Friday mornings.

Wish me luck.


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