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Beautiful swimming writing

I follow a few other swimmers on Twitter and I suppose I’m subconsciously looking out for people mentioning swimming, but today I saw two very separate, very different articles about swimming that I wanted to share them here.

The first is from H2Open magazine – a great publication dedicated to swimmers, that I’ve just started following. The post that caught my attention is about cold water swimming and what goes through your mind. I don’t swim in very cold water (ie at this time of year), but it all seemed to be what I think anyway. Have a read: What goes through the mind of a cold water swimmer?

The second article is in The Guardian. I didn’t realise they had a swimming blog, but they do and this is one post from it. It’s all about the freedom of swimming and the almost zen-like tranquility. It’s beautiful, read it here: Why I love swimming
Both beautiful articles.

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Have we reached peak beard?

That was the question raised by the Guardian this week. It seemed to think that many people – men mainly – grow beards for fashion reasons, but that it’s no longer as fashionable as it used to be. For those of you that have met me in person I too am no longer as fashionable as I used to be have a beard.

Yet I didn’t grow a beard to be fashionable – I’m not sure I’ve done anything to be fashionable.

So despite the Guardian suggesting that I’m not fashionable, my beard will stay for a while.

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Swimming to work

According to this article on the Guardian and idea to provide London’s canals with a swimming lane has been mooted. This would allow commuters to swim to work.

I love the idea and a 2-3 mile swim every morning (in the summer) would be a great way to start the day. It would certainly beat going to the gym and what a great way to see a bit more of London and to commute to work.

However, the comments on the Guardian piece don’t seem very complimentary.

It’s a shame as it’s ideas like this that eventually lead to real and practical uses for the canal network. You have to have the “wacky” idea first and then the more practical ideas develop from that. I would have thought that Guardian readers may have been a little bit more sympathetic to it.

In any case, it’s not likely to come to pass as it was all part of a competition to come up with new ideas to reclaim public space – and it wasn’t even the winner. However there were some great other entries, you should take a look here.

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