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Gym Noises

I’ve remember what the funny post* was that I was planning to write the other day.

As I was in the gym a couple in their fifties came in to the weights area as well. He was clearly quite trim and fit and from the way the two of them were interacting it looked as though he was introducing her to the gym, or at least helping her out a bit. I assumed in all of this that they were a couple.

I’d seen them come in, witnessed the above, but then got on with what I was doing.

Or at least I tried to.

Within a few minutes the most off-putting gym noises were being made as he did the sets on the various machines they were on. This wasn’t the occasional loud exhalation or inadvertent grunt as you try to complete that last rep. We all do those. No this was the ‘couple in the hotel room next to you having really bad sex’ sound. Regular, rhythmic, almost asthmatic grunting and wheezing.

I assume that he was trying to impress his lady friend. I hope it worked.

– – –

* Obviously I’ll let you be the judge of whether it actually is funny or not.


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