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World Cup Fever

I’ve written about this before, but I am such a Dad!

The World Cup kicks off today – something that as a kid I would have spent weeks, if not months, obsessing about. Yet here we are, minutes away from the start and I wasn’t sure whether I was going to watch it or not. That is until my 8-year old begged me to let him watch it and stay up past his bedtime.

I’m not sure how much it is based on a love of football or just the fact that he can stay up – but how could I refuse?

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Annoying football coach

My son’s football coach is really starting to annoy me. Every Saturday morning I bring my son down for the coaching sessions and nearly every Saturday I leave annoyed.

My son really enjoys football (and still enjoys the Saturday morning sessions fortunately), but I’m not biased enough to believe that he is blessed with any natural ability. He tries hard, he runs hard and he’s willing to learn.

So when the coach sets up a skills session to work on a particular aspect of the game there’s no point him just getting exasperated if the kids don’t get it right. Instead he needs to walk them through it, explain what it is they are learning, tell them why this is important, let them have a go and then remind them of all of the above if/when they don’t get it right.

Then when they’re playing a game at the end try to make sure that all the players are involved – and that my son actually gets passed the ball now and then.


Ok, rant over.

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Quick run, quick post

Saturday morning, dropped my son off at football training and went for a quick run around the country lanes near the leisure centre.

I did 4.6km in just under 27 minutes, including a couple of very steep hills, and was back in time to watch the last 15 minutes of football. A nice start to the day.

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Like my Dad

On Wednesday night there was an England football match on. I’d actually forgotten it was on, but during the day I was reminded about it. I couldn’t actually watch it as I was on the train home from London, but I did check the score and read a few updates – it sounded like a good match.

So when I got home just in time for the highlights what did I do? Well, I didn’t bother to watch it. I watched something else for a bit and then went to bed. I could almost hear my nine year-old self sighing in disbelief. And then I realised that I’ve turned into my dad.

When I was a kid I was mad about football. During the summer holidays I would play football on the street or in the local park from 9am to 6pm, only stopping for meals. I didn’t have a local team I was a fan of, but I’d watch it on TV as much as I can. In those days we didn’t have non-stop football on TV, it was Football Focus and Match of the Day only, with FA Cup final day the exception to that, when we’d have nearly a whole day of football as the TV channels would build up to the 3pm kick off.

My dad would watch a bit with me, but he wasn’t really that bothered about football. We had an occasional kick about and despite being reaaalllly old and fat (to my nine year-old eyes) he was pretty good – he used to play left-back for the school if I remember. Yet he still wasn’t that bothered. And I couldn’t understand it – how could you not be bothered about football? How?

And here I am, not bothered enough to watch an England match. And not only any old England match, but one in which we beat Brazil and Lampard scored a great goal. But I couldn’t and I still haven’t and I never will.

And I realised I’m turning into my dad.

Although not watching football is absolutely, completely the only way that I’m like him!

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