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Canadian Bacon

Well, it looks like my recent Canadian holiday has added about 2kgs to my already full* frame. It’s not altogether surprising though as I quite like to eat (hence the already “full” frame) and Canadians like to give people food.

* I’m being polite and not actually calling myself fat.

I was in Canada for about 10 days. From a diet perspective the first three days in Vancouver were pretty good. The food was good and plentiful, but not overly so and I also got to go out for a run a couple of times.

It was once we got to see my relatives in Alberta that things started to go downhill for the diet. It’s ten years since I last visited them and they were pleased to see me – and to show that pleasure they offered food… and then more food. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great – from ribs and steak and burgers and cabbage rolls to donuts and apple pie and cinnamon buns – it’s just that there was a lot of it. On top of that, 25cms of snow put paid to any running.

Bacon, egg and cheese muffin

This was just a mid-morning snack. I’d popped round to my cousin’s to use her wi-fi and she was cooking these just on the off-chance that her son would come round. I mentioned how good they smelt and one appeared in front of me. I’d only just had breakfast, but… well it would have been rude not to.

Mmmm, steak.

This was lunch just before we left – absolutely gorgeous steak, with jacket potatoes and veg. It was beautiful – but I nearly couldn’t drive to the airport because I was so full.

I know I could have refused all the food, but actually I couldn’t have done. And I didn’t.

If you want to see more examples of Canadian food, then see these pictures by @walkerama.

Also, if you didn’t get the reference you should definitely watch the film Canadian Bacon.


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Argh. How can it be the case that after all this recent exercise I still haven’t lost any weight? I weighed myself this morning and if anything I’ve put on a couple of pounds.

Now this blog isn’t really about weight or losing weight. And I’m certainly not going to be posting videos and photos of me before and after weight loss, like Julia_B has done (although it’s well worth a read if you’re interested). What I’m more interested in are the challenges I’ve set myself. But of course these challenges started because I realised that I needed to lose some weight.

As I see it there are two big problems at the moment to me losing weight. The first is my very sedentary lifestyle – apart from the exercise I do I’m almost always sat down (usually at my desk), so I need to develop a routine to get up and move about a bit more – if nothing else it will help my posture and mental alertness I’m sure. The second is that I seem to think that when I return from a swim or a workout that I can eat whatever I like, ‘cos, well I’ve just burnt lots of calories haven’t I? I know what I need to do with this one – but it’ll be tough.

As it happens, I’ve picked a sport that requires a little bit extra body fat – you need to keep warm on the long swims. In fact my Grandad used to try and put on weight just before and during the swimming season and then lose it over the winter.

What I have noticed recently is a slight change in body shape. Shoulders and lats are getting stronger and bigger and that is creating a little bit of a taper effect down to my waist – it’s not obvious, but there are differences.

At present the plan is that while I’m still swimming outdoors not to worry about the weight – it was just a bit frustrating this morning – but once the season is over to try and follow my Grandad’s lead and lose a bit over the winter. Don’t hold your breath though!

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